The rhythm of the art

What's the rhythm of the art? The rhythm of the art is the flow and the rhythm of the flow is life. To fallow the rhythm of the art you just need to be present with your rhythm. To be present with your rhythm makes you present with the rhythm of life. But my rhythm is not your rhythm, so we create an other rhythm together, the rhythm of the art. The art of the rhythm is to take care about your rhythm and my rhythm and at the same time our rhythm, the rhythm of the art. To see and feel the rhythm of the art, see your heart. The rhythm of your heart. To see or feel this rhythm you just connect to love. If you look at you art you'll find the rhythm that connects your heart with the rhythm of you life. So your heart is your life and art just shows you the rhythm of life. The rhythm of love.


The rhythm of life is the rhythm of art. Heart. Art. connect to art connect to life connect to heart. Love-art.

with love, Ursula Anna

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